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Personality & Life Counselling / Coaching     

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Personal Life Coaching & Supervision

Individual, Couple and Relationship Coaching 

Astro-Coaching, Psychological-Coaching, Personality-Coaching, Communication Coaching

By Astrologer and Psychological Counselor, Personality  + Relationship Coach and Trainer Communication. In Person on location in Berlin; as well on/by Telephone or Skype (VoIP), Online-/ Internet- and E-mail. In English and German. Psychological Personal Life Coaching / Supervision and Astro-Coaching also anonymous.

Personal individual life coaching or couple-coaching / supervision

In personal- / relationship- / couple- / carreer- / business concerns and issues.

After Astrological Counselling and/or Psychological Counselling or with Astro-Coaching goal-/target- oriented to work on yourself on relationship and personal or life issues and concerns:

This coaching is for Individuals, Couples, Families, and to those counselling is not enough or those who want to work goal/target oriented on themselfs, supported by me, after an astrological counseling or psychological counseling. With or without any process of change. Coaching as help for self-help, on personal issues, crisis, as life counseling, for self-reflection, self-perception. Topics and service (in German)

- upgrading cognition/perception - analyse problems - to resolve covered inner resistances, conflicts, blockages - to activate the inner process of change, as coach/supervisor, to come to terms and to find closure - to learn and integrate new attitudes, behaviour patterns, and communication skills, setting and achieving goals/targets, assertiveness. Optional crisis- and conflict management and prevention, and as Astro-Coaching and Supervision. More about Coaching and Supervision (in German only, yet)

Duration: usually 50 - 120 minutes per coaching-session  (also anonymous)

on/by telephone  per 50 minutes: from 90 - 150 Euro

Introductory package  Telephone 3x 75 Euro per session. After completion of the initial session the regular fee/rate applies.

personally  on request

per E-mail online Fee depending on expenditure of time and service; calculated on basic charge 50 min. = 95 Euro.

Personality analysis/-profile

Characteristic /  Potential /  Ressources:  120 min. (2 hrs.) = 185 Euro

More on telephone, E-mail and anonymous Coaching / Supervision.

Astro-Supervison currently by telephone only - deviated fee - please on request

Fee for counseling and coaching/supervision includes necessary preparations. All costs are payable in advance required. (Due in advance). Direct payers only. No issurance accepted. More about the process and telephone sessions view Payment / Process




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