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Astrology by Telephone  


Astrological Counselling/ Consultation, Horoscope reading, analysis, Astrology on/by Telephone, Online/ Internet VoIP (Skype) by appointment only and received payment in advance. Classical and psychological Astrology in English and German by Astrologer and Psychological Counselor. Astro offer

Online VoIP (Skype) Internet phone calls computer to computer are free without charging. You just need a headset with earphone and microphone for your computer and Skype installed. After your payment for your consultation is received and approved by me, you start Skype on our scheduled appointment and enter my Skype name you received by me, then the astrological counseling session can begin.

To Germany I call you on your landline phone. Call-back without charging to your landline phone only.

Call-back outside Germany only to landline phone I will charge per daytime-tariff and all-inclusive phone-call service charge. I will charge as cheap as possible by using call-by-call numbers from list.

Sorry, no call-back on mobile / cell phones for longer phone calls. Except call-by-call numbers are available to your destination.


Horoscope charts/graphics you will receive via E-mail; all charts/graphics are included my listed charges.

If you do not have Internet, E-mail nor Fax (only b/w), horoscope charts/graphics you will receive via mail. Mailing/shipping cost p & p (s & h) are not included my listed fees. Service charge on request, payment in advance. Current s & h (p & p) to Germany is 3 Euro.

Recording during phone counselling is optional. Recording is a charge free, additional offer. No requirements during technical failure. Recording and cost for p & p (s & h)  to your destination on request.


Astro-Counselling/Consultation Telephone-Services and Fee

Astrological analyses and counselling are also available by E-mail.


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