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Written Horoskopes / Reports       


Written Analyses, Astrological Horoscope Reports, Chart reading and E-mail Counselling. Classical and psychological Astrology in English and German by Astrologer and Psychological Counsellor. Astrological Counseling also available by phone.

I write exclusively and personal, formulated, individual Astrology analyses / reports (no textmodules). In view of the fact my considerably intensive expenditure of time, to get to the point and to describe the interaction of single components, the interplay. To put it across in a written form, therefore prices and your investment are adequate. Text manual written on computer.

Due to the fact of the complex unique nature of human beings which isn't complete to record in a few written pages, I must point out on that the written report is a counseling. I counsel in sense of your concerns on the specified topics, you let me know, on which your focuses are on. If you are interested in computer-text-analyses though (printed version in German), please keep in mind, that they cannot replace a personal counselling (available in English and/or German).


Personality Analysis / Individual Natal Chart Horoscope Reading

Birth-Radix Horoscope, Personal Profile, Unique Characteristic and Potential, Resources, Personality Analysis of a multi-faceted Life Journey, Aim in life, Life Direction/Purpose, Changes, Chances, Ascendant, your question.  

about 7 - 9 manual written DIN A4 pages**

190 Euro  (Personality Analysis is recommended for first consultation)

Current- and Yearly Topics / Personal Forecast/Trends (Prognosis) (Transits/Solar)

about 5 - 6 manual written DIN A4 pages**

170 Euro

Personal Natal Chart Analysis with Current Topics + Forecast/Trends

about 12 - 15 manual written DIN A4 pages**

320 Euro

Couple-/Relationship Report/Analysis (2 persons)

Both natal birth Horoscopes, Synastry (comparison chart), Combin or Composit (individual relationship chart)

from 290 Euro*

If one person already has been received a personal chart reading (natal chart horoscope)

from 240 Euro*

Occupation/ Carreer /

Potentials / Talents / Creativity

together or with a personality reading first

on request

Solar reading, Electional Horoscope and for all here listed offers and for special issues on astrological counseling by E-mail or for reports, which are not listed explicit, please ask for. I do not give recommendation letters.

See for all astrological counselling description and topic contents

Further counselling topics as reports or per E-mail on request.

*Fee does not include Yearly Prognoses/Topics, optional on request.

**Number of written pages can vary due to manual handwritten report. Listed circa numbers of pages taken by experiences so far.

According your chosen topic the listed fees include the possibly for a short preliminary talk per phone or E-mail as well as approx. 2 - 6+ hours preparation, analyses, interpretation, plus prepare all colour horoscope-charts/drawings plus your individual astrological horoscope analyses/ reports computer written.

All written astrological horoscope reports will be sent to you via E-mail or Fax without extra charging. The fees do not include extra p & p (s & h), to mail to you when you do not have an E-mail-address or Fax. Current s & h (p & p) to Germany is 3 Euro.



What about open questions after counselling/ consultation:

Within 4 weeks after astrological counselling/ consultation report you can get answered once your short questions for free, without charging (max. 20 - 30 minutes) or via E-mail two short questions.

Later subsequent questions will be charged:


per 15 minutes: 20 Euro (via E-mail on request)

Follow-up sessions and deeper going analyses after counselling/consultation on another appointment. On special topics (e.g. questions about carreer, education, partner- or relationship, family, personal questions, development):

per 15 minutes: 25 Euro (via E-mail on request)




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